My Story

Hi! I am Michelle, the one woman show behind Bad Rock Metalworks. I am located in Columbia Falls, MT at the mouth of the Bad Rock Canyon which leads into Glacier National Park.  My work began as a creative outlet, fueled by a love of working with my two hands and an insatiable appetite for one of a kind jewelry and stones. Since that time, it has morphed into a small business that I am so happy to be able to share with you. 

My pieces are eclectic, bold, and crafted to last. I use silver, gold, brass, and a large range of natural stones that are ethically sourced. I enjoy giving a new life to what is found in the earth. 

My inspiration and style comes from the cyclical nature of the seasons that we find ourselves in here in Northwest Montana. I find that most things are cyclical and seasonal, and whatever season of life we are in, there are pieces that represent that.